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Our mission at The Pit Fitness Ranch is to bring together as many health and fitness communities as possible. Our belief is that we are all after the same goal… That goal is premium, sustainable, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. To back up this mission we have taken a 65 acre gravel pit and turned it into an all inclusive group fitness playground. Our group classes include CrossFit, Sport Specific team training, Yoga, Brazilian Jujitsu and more. We cover everyone’s health interests and levels of fitness. When we say everyone we mean it! Our classes, lead by our top shelf stable of trainers, help members achieve their goals ranging from kids classes starting at 5 years of age to our 65+ classes that currently have members achieving goals at 85 years old. In addition to our group fitness classes we have miles of hiking and biking trails. We use these trails often in our regular and community workouts but they are also included in memberships for you and your family to enjoy on your own time. Come join us at The Pit!

April 2024

June 2021


“I feel like I’m participating in a team sport again. I love this place and I love that I feel strong again!”
– Lori

“Since becoming a member my overall fitness and day to day life have improved tremendously.  I have more energy, take less naps, and am in a better mood during the course of the day.  ”
– Local Police Officer

“I gained confidence to try new things because I am in a community of people who have my back no matter what.  ”
– Bethany

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