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Use our 9,000 sq foot state of the art facility along with 65+ rural acres of hiking, biking and outdoor fitness areas to take your health and fitness to the highest level.

CrossFit ON RAMP

Beginner’s only introduction to the terminology and movements of CrossFit.  Spend a month or two here to gain confidence before transitioning to regular classes. Not required, but highly recommended. Monday & Wednesday 7-8PM.

CrossFit KIDS

For kids ages 5-10 who want to come have FUN at the gym, they’ll learn movement basics in an engaging and safe environment. Tuesdays 7-7:45 PM

60+ CrossFit

Maintain and gain strength and flexibility and endurance in order to CrossFit Kids-Ages 6-12 learn the basics of fitness in a fun environment. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:45-11:30AM.

Photos/Videos of this years events!

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