The top 30 boys and 30 girls in each teenage division will advance from Semifinals to the Teenage CrossFit Games by Pit Teen Throwdown from Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, to determine who will be crowned the division champions. The event will be hosted in Kalamazoo and Three Rivers, Michigan.

The Pit Teen Throwdown is an annual fitness competition EXCLUSIVE to athletes ages 14-17, held Aug. 27-Aug. 30, 2024 in Southwest Michigan. Offering a highly competitive, exhilarant, and challenging showcase for young athletes to test their skill, strength and stamina against their peers, The Pit Teen Throwdown aims to illuminate the benefits of health and wellness and inspire the pursuit of lifelong fitness.

The Pit Collegiate Throwdown offers a unique opportunity for athletes ages 18-22 to compete against their peers in a world-class, championship-level CrossFit® competition. Via a six-week summer online qualifier, this important division will be tested and challenged to yield the top 30 men and 30 women given the opportunity to compete ahead of the Teenage CrossFit Games in Southwest Michigan Aug. 27-Aug. 30, 2024.

The Pit Prodigies Camp is designed for teen athletes to learn and grow in the endurance, skill, strength and mobility required for the competitive CrossFit® athlete. Camp also offers opportunities for the CrossFit® teenager to meet and connect with other like-minded teens in a safe, fun setting tailored to their needs. The 2024 Camp will be held from June 6 – June 9.

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