For Time:

60 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch

50 GHD Sit-ups

50 Calorie Assault Bike OR 40 Calorie Echo Bike

30 Alternating Pistols

20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

10 Burpee Pull-Overs

*14-15 Age Group Dumbbell Weight 35lbs/25lbs

*16-17 Age Group Dumbbell Weight 50lbs/35lbs

*20 Minute Time Cap

*1st Tiebreaker – Total Reps Completed

*2nd Tiebreaker – Time elapsed at completion of last movement (Example: If unable to complete a Pull-Over, Tiebreak is elapsed time at completion of Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups)


  • Each rep starts with both dumbbell heads making contact with the ground
  • Reps must be alternating
  • The rep is credited when the dumbbell is locked out overhead, with the hips, knees and arm fully extended, and the dumbbell directly over the middle of the athlete’s body


  • Each rep begins and ends with the athlete seated at the top of the GHD with hands touching the foot pads.
  • The athlete must touch the ground or designated riser with both hands before returning to the seated position.
  • The touch on the ground or riser must be overhead, not to the side of the body. The fingers must be at least in line with the top of the head when viewed from profile.
  • The rep is credited when both hands touch the foot pads.


  • Athletes may choose to complete 50 Calories on an Assault Bike, OR 40 Calories on a Rogue Echo Bike
  • Set the monitor to countdown from the appropriate calorie count, if able.


  • Each rep begins with the hips and knee extended on the working leg.
  • The non-working leg must remain in front of the body; it cannot pass behind the profile of the athlete’s body.
  • Athletes may NOT rest the non-working leg on the working leg or use the hands/arms to push into the working leg.
  • Athletes MAY hold on to the non-working leg
  • The hip crease must pass below the top of the knee on the working leg.
  • If any part of the athlete’s body other than the working foot touches the floor before lockout, the rep will not count.
  • The rep is credited when the athlete reaches full hip and knee extension with the working leg while the non-working leg is clearly off the ground.
  • Athletes must alternate legs after every successful rep.
  • Athletes must complete a successful rep on one side before beginning a rep on the other.


  • The athlete must start each rep with their arms fully extended and their feet off the ground.
  • Any style of pull-up or grip is permitted as long as the other requirements are met.
  • The rep is credited when the athlete’s chest clearly comes into contact with the bar at or below the collarbone.
  • Wrapping tape around the pull-up bar or wearing hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.) is permitted, but taping the bar AND wearing hand protection is not.


  • The athlete begins by standing with the feet together underneath a pull-up bar.
  • While standing with the hips and knees straight, extend the arms overhead.
    • The arms must be in line with the torso when viewed from profile.
  • Touch the thumbs of each hand together and extend the fingers.
  • The athlete’s fingers cannot touch the pull-up bar in the measuring position.
    • The pull-up bar must be above the athlete’s fingertips.
  • Clearly show the measurement process during the video submission.
  • An exercise mat or similar equipment may be used to decrease the distance between the ground and the pull-up bar.
    • Surfaces that aid in jumping or rebounding, such as spring-floors, are not permitted.
  • Athletes must touch the chest and thighs to the ground at the bottom of each burpee.
  • Athletes may choose to step or jump into this position.
  • If the athlete is using an exercise mat (or other equipment) to decrease the distance between the ground and the pull-up bar, the entire body must be on the same surface in the bottom position.
  • At the top of each burpee, complete a pull-over.
  • There is no hanging requirement during the pull-over.
  • The rep is credited when:
    • the athlete’s arms are fully locked out in the support position above the bar; and
    • the athlete’s shoulders are over or slightly in front of the bar.
  • Only the hands, and no other part of the arm, may touch the bar during the rep.
  • Removing the hands in the support position is not allowed.
  • At lockout, only the arms may support the athlete’s weight.
  • Wrapping tape around the pull-up bar or wearing hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.) is permitted, but taping the bar AND wearing hand protection is not.
  • If you miss the pull-up bar or do not achieve the finish position, you must complete the pull-over before beginning the next rep.
  • You do not have to repeat the burpee if you miss the pull-over.