This special is a 3 month commitment. The first month you will be getting your feet wet by learning the CrossFit lingo as our team of coaches walks you though new movements and helps you get acclimated to our positivity driven, healthy culture. Don’t worry, our CrossFit Lite class will only have other beginners just like you attending. After the first month we will sit down with you to asses your fitness goals and talk about a sustainable nutrition plan (upon request) as you continue your life changing journey with us. From here you may stay in CF Lite if you would like or head into regular CrossFit classes for the remaining 2 months of the special.

CrossFit Lite- Monday, Wednesday 7-8pm Saturday 9:30am

Regular CrossFit- Monday-Friday 5,6,8:30,9:30am 5,6pm

Open Gym- M-F 12:00-5pm Sunday 12:00-2pm